General Dentist Calgary

Haysboro Dental Care offers a wide selection of general dentistry procedures such as root canals, dental fillings and dental crowns to ensure healthy teeth and gums to last a lifetime.

Preventative care and oral hygiene treatments enable us to detect a variety of oral health issues ranging from decay to diabetes. By treating oral health problems before they are able to progress, we can help our patients avoid pain and discomfort and prevent the necessity for more extensive treatment.

Our philosophy is that by providing our patients with preventative and restorative treatment which also addresses their aesthetic preferences, we can provide incredible natural looking results that are also durable and long lasting.

Our general dentist uses high quality materials, the latest technology and techniques that have been proven to provide the results our patients expect.

Patient health and comfort is our number one priority. Our dental professionals are gentle yet thorough while tending to your smile needs. Our practice offers several amenities for your convenience and comfort such as comfortable dental chairs, flat screen tvs and relaxing music to ensure a positive general dentistry experience. For more information on our general dentistry procedures, call (403) 800-3056 to book your general dentistry consult today.

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